Arborist Climbing & Pruning Gear

We carry a variety of pruning and climbing gear for the professional arborist industry. Listed below are some of our more popular items. We carry products from from a variety of manufacturers. Our featured brands are Fred Marvin pruning products, Silky Hand Saws and Sterling rope and accessories. 

We would invite you to stop by the shop to see everything that we carry or you can contact us for more information.



These are our most popular lines for climbing and rigging. We stock other ropes. All of these ropes are what we typically stock, however, we do occasionally run out of certain ropes. We also carry rope storage bags. Please give us a call or stop by for more information. 

Climbing Line

716Scion BlueSterling Scion 7/16"(11.5 mm) 24 Strand Climbing Line

  • A fully certified, dedicated arbor climbing line. Works with a variety of climbing styles
  • 5,417 lb MBS*
  • Available with a single sewn eye

120' - $124.95 • 150' - $153.95 • 200' - $202.95

12Scion Blue

Sterling Scion 1/2"(12.5 mm) 24 Strand Climbing Line

  • A fully certified, dedicated arbor climbing line. Works with a variety of climbing styles
  • 10,116 lb MBS*
  • Available with a single sewn eye

120' - $129.95 • 150' - $164.95

Rigging Line

916Atlas Red

Sterling Atlas Dynamic Rigging Lines

  •  Double-braid construction for high strength with unmatched strength-to-weight performance
  • Tightly woven polyester sheath resists picking without sacrificing handling or flexibility

DiameterColorMBS* (lb)Weight (lb/100')Elong. at 10% MBS (%)150' Roll200' Roll

* - Sterling Rope is a certified ISO 9001 company and all quality control systems are third-party audited to identified standards. Sterling maintains a rigorous in house testing program to ensure that all current production meets the published standards. All minimum break strength numbers (MBS) numbers listed here are 3-sigma MBS test results or are listed at the corresponding standard's minimum requirements. A 3-sigma MBS is based on a statistical analysis of the breaking strengths of a product and is reported at 3 standard deviations below the average breaking strength. 

Climbing Gear


Here's some of the common items we have for throwline storage and deployment. We have more in stock than what we list here. Stop in to see our inventory.

NotchsacksNotch Throw Weight

  • Color coded by weight
  • 8 oz Red, 10 oz Purple, 12 oz Pink, 14 oz Green, 16 oz Orange
  • Hi Viz checkered pattern
  • Welded Ring
  • Made with 1,000 weight denier Cordura®

Various Weights - $15.95 each

Notch Acculine

  • Dyneema® fiber throwline
  • Low stretch and light weight with high visibility
  • 2.2 mm Orange, 650 lb tensile strength
  • 1.75 mm Yellow, 560 lb tensile strength

2.2 mm (180') - $26.99 • 1.75 mm (180') - $24.99


Stein Throwline Cube

  • 17.3" Cube
  • Instructions printed inside the cube
  • Corner rods fitted with rubber stops to prevent push through
  • 2 small pockets for weights and hardware
  • 4-way stretch fabric bottom to reduce corner stress and extend life

SS-1B1332 - $49.99

Climbing Gear

We carry a variety of pulleys, hitch cords carabiners and other hardware. Here are some of the more popular items.


DMM Ultra O Carabiner

  • Oval shape with I Beam section
  • Hot forged and fully heat treated
  • Keylock clean nose for snag free connection
  • Recommended for use with pulleys and as a general connector
  • 25kN strength rating

A327 - $24.99

DMM Hitch Climber Rapide

DMM Hitch Climber Rapide

  • Triple attachment points for special applications
  • Rapide version incorporates a roller bearing for higher efficiency
  • 30kN ABS
  • 14mm rope capacity (9/16")

PUL1000RAPIDE - $72.99

8mmEnE8mm and 10mm Sterling Flex Hitch Cord Sewn Eye & Eye

  • Available in 28", 30" or 32" lengths
  • 5,418 lb basket configuration MBS
  • Polyester core with a Technora/polyester sheath
  • Meets ANSI Z133

8mm (for 11.5mm or 7/16" rope) - $ 24.95 • 10mm (for 12.5mm or 1/2" rope) - $26.95

Pruning and Trimming

We carry pruning equipment primarily form Fred Marvin and Silky; folding and fixed blade hand saws, saw blades, wooden and fiberglass poles, pruning and saw heads for poles and accessories for all. These are some of our more popular items.

Hand Saws

Zubat StdSilky Zubat 330 and Zubat 330 Arb (XL Teeth)

  • Professional, heavy duty 330mm blade (13")
  • High performance, fast cutting curved blade with rubber molded handle
  • Includes scabbard
  • Standard Zubat, 6.4 teeth per inch (Large Teeth)
  • Zubat Arborist, 4.7 teeth per inch (XL Teeth)

Zubat 330 - $76.95 • Zubat 330 Arborist - $81.95

Tsurugi CurvedSilky Tsurugi 330 Curved with Large Teeth

  • Professional, heavy duty 330mm blade (13")
  • High performance, fast cutting curved blade with rubber molded handle
  • Includes aluminum scabbard
  • Thin, narrow yet aggressive blade to fit into tight crotches without damaging opposing limbs
  • 6.4 teeth per inch (Large Teeth)

Tsurugi 330 Lg - $89.95

hs38 Fred MarvinMarvin HS-38 Heavy Duty Tri-Edge Hand Saw

  • Professional, heavy duty 380mm blade (15")
  • Smooth cutting, Tri-edge teeth
  • Heavy duty, extra-firm blade can be used on tougher, harder woods

HS-38 HD - $29.99

Pole Pruning

Hayauchi - 3 Pole ExtensionSilky Hayauchi 3 Extension Pole Saw

  • 21', 3 extension pole saw
  • Oval aluminum poles for rigidity and precise control
  • Rubber grip ensures good hold and control
  • 390mm blade (16")
  • 5.5 Teeth per inch, XL Teeth

Hayauchi 21' - $295.95

qcbsFred Marvin Bull Pruner Head with QC Adapter

  • 1-3/4" Cut
  • Double pulley system with 12' of 3/8" cord included
  • Works with our Fred Marvin fiberglass poles with adapters

QCB - $79.99

6fb - 6 Base Pole6fm - 6 Mid Pole

Fred Marvin Professional Series Fiberglass Poles with Adapters

  • 4' or 6' Lengths
  • FB Poles are the base pole with heavy duty rubber boot and one aluminum female coupling
  • FM Poles are the mid pole with one aluminum female and one aluminum male coupling
  • Couplings locked with a heavy duty spring clip

4FB - $26.99 • 4FM - $29.99 • 6FB - $32.99 • 6FM - $35.99

12p - 12 Wood PoleFred Marvin Octagonal Poplar Wood Poles

  • Available in 12 o 14 foot lengths
  • Pole only, no couplings
  • 1-1/4" diameter

12PF - $36.99 • 14PF - $39.99

Rigging Equipment

We carry a variety of slings and hardware for rigging use. Here are some of the more popular items available but we do have various kinds of nylon slings, nylon chains and ring slings for different sized jobs.


ISC 5/8" Rigging Block

  • Rope friendly, rounded and hot forged aluminum sideplates
  • 100kN MBS
  • 20kN WLL
  • 5/8" Maximum rope diameter

RP051A1 - $196.99

58 Block Sling

Ultra Rigging Block 5/8" Sling

  • Made with 5/8" Tenex-Tec
  • Choked configuration MBS, 18,000 lb
  • Only designed for use in choked configuration
  • Will fit most smaller blocks
  • 6 consecutive 6" Pockets
  • 5' Usable length
  • 6' Overall Length

USLB5 - $87.99

Lg Portawrap

Large Portawrap

  • For lines up to 3/4"
  • Rust-proof stainless steel
  • Special tree-protecting cap
  • Resistant to all kinds of corrosion
  • 2,000 lb WLL
  • 7.25 lb

POWLSS - $129.99

34 Base Sling

Ultra Sling 3/4"

  • Made with 3/4" Tenex-Tec
  • 18,000 lb MBS
  • 4,250 lb WLL
  • 12" pockets
  • 12' Overall Length

POWLSS - $129.99

Safety Equipment

We carry climbing helmets, work helmets, ear and eye protection, saw protection and more from companies like Camp, Elvex and Kask. Here are some popular items below. We also have a range of safety glasses, helmet mounted hearing protectors and more. 

CAMP AresCamp Ares ANSI Rated Climbing Helmet

  • Fully enclosed outer shell protects against electrical risks
  • Outer shell made of ABS and polycarbonate
  • Internal energy absorbing internal shell of high-density EPS foam
  • Quick dial adjustment for webbing suspension system
  • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 Type 1 Class C

Camp Ares Helmet - $99.99

Elvex CU-60Elvex ProGuard Forestry Helmet

  • ProGuard 6-pt Ratchet Adjustable Suspension Vented Cap
  • Steel Mesh Visor for durability 
  • Orange vented cap with black muff and visor
  • NRR 27
  • ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class C

CU-60R-V - $49.99

Elvex Air SpecsElvex Air Specs

  • .45 mm stainless steel wire lens of .8mm mesh is non-rusting and durable
  • Steel mesh with black anodized coating reduces reflections and glare and reduces visible light by 60%
  • Wrap around frame/strap design with EVA foam provides great face seal and eye socket protection
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 for basic impact protection

GG-50 - $10.99

Notch ChapsNotch Chainsaw Chaps

  • ASTM UL approved 8-layer polyester for chainsaw protection
  • All chaps fit up to 48" Waists with an easily adjusted belt
  • Measure from the top to the bottom of the inside of your leg
  • M - 32" Inseam, L - 36" Inseam, XL - 40" Inseam

All sizes - $69.99