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We carry a variety of products for tree work. Below you'll find some of the categories of things that we have in stock along with some introductory pricing and some popular models. This list doesn't cover everything and we would encourage you to stop in to see what we have to offer. If you're a professional tree service or land owner, we provide products to help you get it done.

Prices below are subject to change and availability. If you're looking for something in particular, please stop in or give us a call. 


Chainsaws, Pole Saws, Handsaws


Rope, Saddles, Climbers, Accessories


Rope, Slings, Hardware



Top Handled Chainsaws

We offer a range of top-handled saws powered by 2-stroke gasoline and battery, from reputed brands such as ECHO and Husqvarna. These saws are designed to be lightweight and easy to use, making them a preferred choice for professional purposes. However, we recommend their use with utmost care and safety precautions. The battery-powered top-handled saws are gaining popularity lately. Please feel free to give us a call or visit us to check the availability of specific models. 

Starting at $349.99

Our best selling top handled pruning saw:

ECHO CS-2511TN | $519.99 with 14" Speed Cut Nano bar & chain

The CS-2511TN is the lightest gas-powered top-handle chainsaw in North America with the most power in its class. It is now available with the 80TXL cutting system which features a nano-style chain for more efficient cutting with less vibration.

Professional Chainsaws

Both ECHO and Husqvarna provide a selection of chainsaws for felling and groundwork. We have a wide variety of saws available up to 94cc.

Starting at $329.99



Gasoline Pole Saws

There are a variety of options available for powered pole saws. Gasoline power offers long run times and power. We carry options from both ECHO and Husqvarna in fixed shaft and telescoping including the Husqvarna MADSAW, the only dielectric gas powered pole pruner on the market.

Starting at $629.99

Battery Powered Pole Saws

Light weight and ease of use are the hallmarks of battery powered pole saws. They work well and we've had nothing but good feedback. Please contact us or stop in for availability. 

Starting at $549.99

Our best selling powered pole saw:

530i PT5 | $549.99 | Telescoping Pole Saw

Telescopic battery pole saw for professionals, with 16.4 feet of telescopic reach and performance that surpasses gas equivalents. Maximum performance and durability with low weight, excellent ergonomics and quiet operation for use in any location at any time of day.



Silky Saws

Silky saws are a standard for tree care. We have a variety of saws available in both fixed blade with a sheath and folding. We also carry replacement blades for every fixed blade saw that we have in stock.

Starting at $40.99


We have other saws available from different manufacturers for tree care and landscaping. We also have replacement blades available. 

Starting at $32.99


Our most popular saws:

270-33 | Silky Zubat 330mm | $99.99

Professional, heavy duty, 13" (330 mm)curved blade saw. Ideal for all pruning tasks. High performance fast cutting curved blade with a comfortable molded-rubber handle. Curved blade means greater cutting speed with less effort. Includes scabbard. Updated Zubat design makes the handle easier and safer to use and locks the saw in the scabbard.

Notch 13" Legacy Saw with Scabbard | $54.99

Rubber Handled Saw with Full Tang Blade, 13 inch. This ultimate cutting tool from Notch Equipment features solid cutting power and a comfortable grip you can use all day long.

390-42 Silky_Sugoi_edited.jpg


Notch Telescoping with Silky Blades

These saws provide excellent reach in a lightweight package. We have models with Silky Hayuchi and Hayate blades in stock and their replacement blades.

Pole Saws starting at $349.99

Other Poles & Accessories

We have fiberglass poles available from Jameson as well as a variety of pruner and saw heads. Jameson and Marvin poles are interchangeable. We also carry parts for Fred Marvin pruner and saw heads.

Our most popular pole saw:

Notch Sentei 21' pole saw | $369.99

The Notch Sentei Pole Saw gives you the flexibility of an adjustable, telescoping pole with the rigidity of specially designed cam-collar locks with rib lock protection. The Sentei has an abrasion-resistant, low-profile extruded grip for maximum maneuverability while pruning. The aggressive Silky Hayauchi blade cuts quickly and smoothly, and attaches with a quick-connect head without the need to use tools. 




Sterling Climbing Rope


Available in both 11.5mm and 12.5mm, Scion’s ability to absorb dynamic forces makes this rope ideal for MRS and SRS climbing techniques. Scion is a double-braid featuring a burly polyester 24-strand sheath and engineered to have decreased elongation, soft handling and easy knot-ability. The durable sheath is designed to handle mechanical devices and run efficiently through hardware. We carry 120', 150' and 200' lengths with or without sewn eyes.

Starting at $175.99

Element 12.8mm

Abrasion-resistant and durable, Element offers exceptional handling and hitch-ability and has zero sheath slippage. A classic 16-strand arbor line designed for climbing or light rigging. We carry 120', 150' and 200' lengths.

Starting at $159.99

Sterling Rigging Rope


Available in 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8” and 3/4" with double-braid construction that provides great overall strength. The core allows lowered static elongation but still allows rope to absorb energy/impact force and can limit peak forces when catching wood in negative rigging applications. The tightly braided polyester sheath resists picking, and protects the core without sacrificing handling and flexibility. The Atlas series is ideal for use in a Port-a-Wrap, capstan winch or rigging blocks.

Starting at $209.99




Notch Sentinel Harness | Black

The climbing experts at Notch set out to create the most user-friendly harness on the market and created the Notch Sentinel Black Saddle. The Sentinel provides all of the features a modern climber needs to be safe, efficient, and comfortable while working at height, with lightweight contoured mesh padding for breathability, fast and secure thumb friction buckles, and high customization.

These are in stock and available in 2 sizes.


Our most popular climbers are Gecko climbers from Notch. These are ergonomically designed for comfort and support. Available with both aluminum and steel construction. We also carry Weaver straps and pads for standard steel climbers

Starting at $299.99




We carry a variety of throw lines from Notch, Weaver and Samson in poly, nylon and Dyneema construction.

Starting at $19.99


We also carry throw bags from Notch and Weaver in sizes from 8oz to 16oz. 

Starting at $16.99


We carry multiple options for throwline storage. The Big Shot head and available accessories allow for long distance and accurate line placement. The available trigger makes it even easier to use. 

Popular items:

Notch Throw Weight | $22.99 | in 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 oz.

Never lose a throw weight again! Notch’s proprietary throw weight design stands out against any background - leaves, sky, dirt, you name it. The weights are color coded according to size, and each one features two panels of the high contrast pattern that’s not found anywhere in nature.

Weaver Poly Throw Line | $19.99 | 150'

Lightweight design that's ideal for positioning other ropes. This line features an 8 carrier diamond braid and is made with polyethylene cover over a polyethylene core.

Big Shot Head | $109.99

Designed to launch a throw weight and line over a tree limb so a friction saver or climbing line can be pulled into place. A vertical distance of over 100 can be achieved with great accuracy. This is designed to fit quick connect fiberglass poles to set up in seconds. Not for use with wooden poles.



Adjustable Lanyards

From basic adjustable lanyards to longer kids, we have a variety of options. Basic adjustable lanyards are good for basic safety and climbing and have the hitch built into them. We also have up to 15' lanyard systems made with Sterling TriTech rope, a durable and abrasion resistant rope that's great for safety and work positioning.

Starting at $41.99

Wire Core Flipline Kits

US Rigging has an all in one kit for when you need a wirecore safety flip line. They're easy to use and come with a carabiner and aluminum rope grab. 

Starting at $119.99

Most popular flipline:

ProClimb 1/2" x 12' Flipline Kit | $124.99

A high visibility flipline made with high visibility orange rope over 1/4" diameter aircraft cable. Comes complete with a swivel pulley, rope grab and carabiner. 



We carry a variety of different products for climbing. Carabiners, climbing pullies, hitch cords, friction savers, different ascenders, PPE and more. Below you'll find some of our featured items but would invite you to stop in to see what we have in stock.

Notch Absolute Oval | $22.99

The Notch Absolute Oval Carabiner has been designed with weight, strength, and ease of use in mind. The I Beam frame design matched with the knurled gate makes this a must have for any gear bag. It is anodized in green with a black gate.

Notch Rook Pulley | $129.99

This is made by world class manufacturer Rock Exotica in the USA. Made for lines up to a half-inch, the swivel design maintains alignment. Three connection points turn this into a tool of many options and uses. Use on a rope bridge, or as a prusik-minding pulley, or on a lanyard/flipline, or even as a redirect.

Nylon HAAS® Velox Ascent System| $219.99

When paired with a standard foot ascender, the Weaver HAAS Velox allows the user to quickly and efficiently create a rope walking system using both legs. The Weaver HASS Velox has a double tube system that allows 30 inches of in-line bungee to be contained within the unit, allowing over 30 inches of elongation. Comes with attached, adjustable foot strap.

Kask Super Plasma Helmet | $129.99 | various colors

The global icon for all-day comfort and safety performance. Its light weight and breathability make it a favorite for demanding at-height applications.



Sterling Rigging Rope


Available in 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8” and 3/4" with double-braid construction that provides great overall strength. The core allows lowered static elongation but still allows rope to absorb energy/impact force and can limit peak forces when catching wood in negative rigging applications. The tightly braided polyester sheath resists picking, and protects the core without sacrificing handling and flexibility. The Atlas series is ideal for use in a Port-a-Wrap, capstan winch or rigging blocks.

Starting at $209.99

Other Rope

We offer other ropes that are appropriate for rigging applications. Stop in or give us a call for more information.



Notch Ultra Slings

Ultra slings are easy to use and don't require any tying. In stock we carry Ultra Slings with rings, with blocks and for a portawrap or rigging block operation.

Starting at $124.99

Other Slings

We carry a variety of other slings from nylon loops up to 25' Tenex dead eye slings. 

Some popular items:

Sterling 1" Tubular Nylon Slings | Starting at $11.99

Available in 24", 36" and 48"

1" Mil-Spec webbing sewn into loop slings. Can be used for a variety of applications including rigging or building anchors.

Notch Ultra Ring Slings | Starting at $124.99

Available in 3 sizes

Ultimate ease of adjustability meets rigging redirect! Multiple pockets allow for hassle-free, knot free adjustment. 




In stock we usually have 2 sizes of Portawrap in stock for line sizes up to 3/4". They are lightweight and compact rope friction devices designed for lowering heavy loads in a controlled manner.

Starting at $179.99

 Pulleys, Blocks and carabiners

We carry a variety of pulleys and blocks in multiple sizes to making lowering heavy loads easier. We also carry steel and aluminum carabiners appropriate for rigging use. Give us a call or stop in for more information.   

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