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These are our featured brands of power equipment. If you are looking for a specific model, we would be more than happy to help you, just give us a call or stop in. 

At our store, we believe in providing the best service to our customers. We assemble and prep equipment for use so that you don't have to worry about a thing. Our team has the expertise to guide you in finding the perfect equipment that meets your needs and budget. 

Please note that all prices are subject to change and are limited to the stock we have available. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not sell equipment over the phone or online. You must visit our store to make a purchase.

Image of the Toro logo with their "Count on it." tagline.
An image of 3 Toro Super Recycler mowers in a front yard.


Available with gasoline or battery power

We have been a Toro dealer for over 40 years and have found that their lawnmowers are durable and easy to service.

21" Super Recyclers with Briggs & Stratton Engines

Rock solid construction with commercial components means you'll enjoy years of every-day reliability. 

Starting at $799

30" TimeMasters with Briggs & Stratton Engines

For big yards and busy schedules, the TImeMaster cuts a wider path on every pass so you can finish mowing faster.

Starting at $1599

Battery Powered Mowers

60v mowers from Toro offer all of the performance and durability you'd expect, without having to deal with gasoline. Best of all the battery is compatible with other Flex-Force products.

Starting at $629


Every single job, one single battery

We have a variety of products available and the best part is that they're all part of the same family of products, the batteries are interchangeable. 

Products available:

  • handheld blower

  • chainsaw

  • hedge trimmer

  • string trimmer

  • single stage snow thrower

More products are available for special order. We also carry additional batteries and unlike many box-store brands parts are available.

Toro 60v battery powered equipment in a front yard. It shows a mower, blower and string trimmer which can all use the same battery.

For specific item availability, please give us a call or stop in for information. If you would like to see the full lineup of what Toro has to offer, please visit their website.

Husqvarna logo.


An image of the Husqvarna 585 and 582XP professional chainsaws.


Professional Chainsaws

We carry a complete line of Husqvarna professional series chainsaws starting at 50.1cc and going up to 94cc. Husqvarna XP chainsaws are designed for extensive full-time use in the most demanding conditions. They provide class leading ergonomics and excellent power to weight ratios. 

Starting at $619.99

Battery Powered Professional Chainsaws

Husqvarna professional battery powered chainsaws are class leading with the easy operation and the reliability of battery power. With top handle and rear handle configurations, there's something for both in-tree and ground use.

Kits with battery and charger starting at $999.99

Individual saws are special order


Gasoline Powered Chainsaws

All around chainsaws that are easy to start, use and maintain. Designed for regular use in more demanding conditions. 

Starting at $299.99

An image of a Husqvarna 435 chainsaw cutting a log
An image of a Husqvarna 570BTS backpack blower in use.


Backpack Blowers


High performance backpack leaf blowers designed for full-time use. With unique fan designs that generate high air velocity and powerful airflow, these blowers are ideal for moving large volumes of dry or wet leaves and debris. 

Starting at $589.99

Handheld Blowers

Lightweight and easy to use handheld blowers are a cost effective option for  cleaning up lawn clippings and light leaf removal.

Starting at $189.99


Gas powered trimmers intended for heavy-duty use by professional landscapers. Built for rugged operation, each Husqvarna string trimmer delivers maximum levels of power and performance.

Starting at $299.99

An image of a Husqvarna professional string trimmer.
Husqvarna battery powered equipment. String trimmer, chainsaw and hedge trimmer.


Husqvarna offers an array of battery powered tools for professional and homeowner use. They've consistently used a battery platform for a number of years and have a wide array of products available.

Professional Tools

Supply constraints together with high demand have made it difficult for us to keep inventory in these products. They're in demand because they're true replacements for gas powered equipment. If you're looking for something specific please give us a call or stop in.

Homeowner Tools

Medium duty products designed for homeowners and landowners. We offer an array of different products to meet the needs of demanding users.

For specific item availability, please give us a call or stop in for information. If you would like to see the full lineup of what Husqvarna has to offer, please visit their website.

Echo Logo


An Echo chainsaw cutting a log.


Professional Top Handle Chainsaws

Designed with the professional arborist in mind, these saws provide excellent performance and value.

Starting at $359.99

Standard Chainsaws

From cleaning up your yard to cutting firewood, we have a variety reliable and easy starting chainsaws to meet your needs.

Starting at $219.99

Battery Powered Chainsaws

For homeowners and professionals looking for an easy to use and reliable chainsaw. 

Starting at $299.99


Gas Powered Double Sided Hedge Trimmers

For professionals who demand performance, these hedge trimmers are tough and reliable. With commercial-grade gear boxes and ECHO-exclusive RazorEdge blades, you will achieve a consistent quality cut.

Starting at $349.99

Battery Double Sided Hedge Trimmers

The same quality construction as the gas powered product but with the ease of operation and maintenance of battery power. Lightweight and powerful, these can tackle a wide variety of cutting applications. 

Starting at $249.99

An Echo hedge trimmer sitting on a rock.
A person using an Echo PAS powerhead and an articulating hedge trimmer attachment


PAS Powerheads

There are a variety of powerhead options available with both gas and battery power. All powerheads fit most applications. Please stop in or give us a call for more information. PAS powerheads provide an easy to use and cost effective way to have a variety of tools available for your maintenance needs.

Starting at $299.99 with powerhead and string trimmer attachment

PAS Attachments

A wide variety of tools are available to match the PAS powerheads. Most tools will work with any powerheads but there are some exceptions. Stop by or give us a call for a better explanation. Here are some of the popular tool options available:

string trimmer

hedge trimmer



Power Pruner (pole saw)


bed redefiner

and more


Easy-to-use ergonomic controls, lightweight design and powerful professional 2-stroke engine technologies give you the tools to enhance your productivity. Whether you need a lightweight curved shaft model for simple trimming or you need the size and reach of a straight shaft model, these trimmers are designed for performance

All ECHO string trimmers, whether 2 stroke gasoline powered or battery powered, come standard with the Speed Feed head and here at the shop, we've found this to be the biggest selling point for many users. An explanatory video is posted at the bottom of this page.

2 Stroke Gasoline Powered 

Starting at $199.99

Battery Powered

Battery powered string trimmers have the same rugged features but with the ease of battery power.

Starting at $229.99

An Echo string trimmer
A person blowing leaves with an Echo backpack blower


Handheld Blowers

Provide good value, lightweight and ease of operation. Echo's handheld blowers provide best in class performance and excellent durability. 

Starting at $199.99

Backpack Blowers

We offer a range of products from a 58.2cc chore backpack blower up to the most powerful blower on the market. Echo's backpack blowers provide professional quality and excellent performance.

Starting at $379.99

Battery Powered Blowers

Battery powered blowers are nice for general cleanup tasks, like cleaning up after mowing. If you're looking for something for leaf removal please stop in so we can discuss options with you. 

Starting at $199.99


ECHO's eFORCE battery system provides a powerful option for professional landscapers and homeowners who demand versatility and options in power source. It's simple, one battery platform for every kind of product.

In addition to the other battery powered product ECHO has well designed, easy to use, self-propelled and push walk behind lawnmowers and like all ECHO eForce product comes with a limited 5 year consumer warranty on the equipment and 2 years on the battery and charger.

Starting at $449.99

An Echo DLM-2100SP battery powered lawnmower

For specific item availability, please give us a call or stop in for information. If you would like to see the full lineup of what Echo has to offer, please visit their website.


Here's a helpful video about loading the speed feed head. It's seriously easy. We also provide lessons in the shop.

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